Who are we?

Overbooked is a book club which vows to create the perfect recipe for a lifetime of lush reading. With admins who enjoy a range of literature from graphic novels, to chick lit to thrillers - you're bound to find something which entices you. 

(..and possibly some you wouldn't expect to like!)

Emma McDermott

The littlest and gayest, non-gay there ever was.

Favourite Book:

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth

Favourite Genre:

Graphic Novels, Dystopian Fiction

and Poetry

Katie Allan

The glue that brings everyone together.

Favourite Book:

Magical Thinking - Augusten Burroughs

Favourite Genre:

Comedy, Chick Lit, Fantasy & Historical

Tammy Pincock

The sweetest and sassiest gal, with a head of dreads.

Favourite Book:


Favourite Genre:

Thriller and Mystery

Book Club Rules

Books discussed on last day of every month

Book will be chosen by club member.

Rota will go in alphabetical order.

Books can be of any genre.

Books chosen must be 12 hours or under.

Length can be found on Audible.



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